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UNCG Research Magazine Now Available Online

Innovation thrives at UNC Greensboro.

That’s the theme of the spring 2020 UNCG Research Magazine. The publication, now available online, highlights the many ways the University is an incubator for today’s bold ideas and tomorrow’s better approaches. 

Here’s a quick look at the three feature stories in the spring issue:

So You Want to Be a Scientist
MARC U-STAR opens the lab door for students from underrepresented populations, to strengthen our biomedical fields and industries.  

Jogging Your Memory 
Can the gym help you stave off Alzheimer’s? Dr. Jennifer Etnier examines the neuroprotective qualities of exercise, using brain scans, blood biomarkers, and more. 

It’s a Go 
A lithium-trapping filter. A new way to assess ACL health. LaunchUNCG boosts campus entrepreneurship, to speed innovation to the wider world. 

The magazine’s website includes feature-length and shorter articles, faculty and student profiles, image galleries, and more. The current issue and previous issues are also available in PDF format.


Original Story by University Communications
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications