UNC Greensboro Foundation

Officers & Committees


The 2023-2024 UNC Greensboro Foundation officers are:


The foundation board has four standing committees: the Executive Committee, the Governance Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, and the Stewardship Committee. The president of the foundation serves as a non-voting member of all board committees.    

The Executive Committee is composed of the board chair, a board vice-chair, the secretary, the chairs of each standing committee, and other directors appointed by the board. The Executive Committee has the power to transact all regular business of the foundation during the interim between the meetings of the board, subject to any limitations that may be set forth in the foundation’s bylaws.

The Governance Committee is composed of a board vice-chair and other directors appointed by the board. It oversees the overall effectiveness of the foundation’s governance structure, committee structure, governance documents, committee charters, and governance procedures. The Governance Committee also oversees the foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy and succession planning for officers and committee chairs; recommends a slate of officers annually; and recommends any new board members.

The Finance and Audit Committee is composed of directors appointed by the board. The treasurer also serves as a non-voting member of this committee. The Finance and Audit Committee manages, invests, and reinvests for the operating assets of foundation endowment funds that are not designated with The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Investment Fund, Inc. and makes recommendations for any actions that are necessary to the board. The Finance and Audit Committee also plans the foundation’s annual operating budget; controls the receipt and acceptance of irrevocable gifts sponsored by the foundation; is responsible for selecting the independent CPA firm and receiving the annual audit report of the CPA firm; and ensures that the foundation is employing sound fiscal and business principles in the management of its finances and operations.

The Stewardship Committee is composed of directors appointed to the committee. The committee serves as a resource to the Foundation in its efforts to acknowledge, recognize, engage, and be accountable to donors. They serve as advocates to interpret and voice donors’ views regarding their continual relationship with the University and the Foundation. They will advise, support and make recommendations to the Foundation on a broad range of stewardship issues, policies, and strategies that strengthen the donor engagement and stewardship program; review and make recommendations regarding the Foundation’s donor relations/stewardship program, especially as constituent groups in need of more personalized stewardship activities are identified; and when appropriate, engage directors in stewardship activities and initiatives.