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VF Foundation Virtual Collaboratory

For many years, the VF Corporation and VF Foundation have been supporters and partners of UNC Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business and Economics. They have provided funding for scholarships and fellowships, donated software to help students develop cutting-edge skills, and partnered for student-consulting projects. Adding to that list, the VF Foundation recently joined in the Bryan School’s endeavor to educate students on sustainable business practices, giving a $100,000 gift to create a new virtual collaboratory at the University.

“Sustainability in business involves three core areas — environmental, social, and economic,” said Bryan School Dean McRae Banks. “For a business to build a lasting future, it needs to ensure that it considers its impact on the environment and on people, including employees, customers, and community members.”

Dr. Nancy Hodges, who is head of the Department of Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, will lead the Bryan School’s participation in the collaboratory, and according to her, the Bryan School will work to create opportunities during the 2019-20 academic year for teaching, scholarship, and outreach that will serve to shape the virtual collaboratory.

Funds will be used in support of classroom projects and activities that engage students in exploring sustainable approaches to business; to support research, which will offer faculty seed money to begin addressing critical sustainability issues and developing innovative approaches to sustainable business practices; and for events, including speakers, panels, and workshops, which will serve to connect faculty and students at the Bryan School with the broader business community.

“As a purpose-led organization committed to leading the apparel industry toward a more sustainable future, VF is proud to partner with the Bryan School on the new virtual collaboratory,” stated Luis Benitez, VF vice president of government affairs and global impact. “This initiative represents a unique opportunity for students to engage directly with industry to explore how to advance the sustainability agenda while addressing a changing marketplace of evolving consumer preferences, shifting social pressures, and urgent environmental constraints. To deliver true value in today’s world, modern businesses need to connect purpose with performance, and we look forward to seeing how this new concept advances that goal.”

Story by Brittany Cameron, Donor Relations

Information courtesy of Bryan School of Business and Economics