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Tina Qualheim ’16

Going back to school can be hard, more so when you’re a single parent. Tina Qualheim ’16 understands this better than most. A graduate student in UNCG School of Nursing’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program, she balances rigorous course work, experiential clinical work, and the needs of her children.

She knows UNCG has her back, though.

“I obtained my BSN here through the RN – BSN Program. I had such a positive experience that I knew UNCG would assist me in meeting my goals,” says Tina. “The faculty are very gracious and willing to put forth extra effort in guiding students.”

Adult students – who are often out of school for years before pursuing or returning to higher education – need such understanding faculty. Tina had been working in health care before deciding to earn her doctorate. Faculty stepped up to support her as she developed more advanced writing techniques and updated information and research.

The greatest support, though, came from donors. In 2018-19, Tina received the Joanne B. Craft Adult Student Scholarship. Established by the late Joanne Brantley Craft ’50 – who herself was raised by a single mother – the fund supports single mothers pursuing a degree in nursing or education.

The scholarship came at a much-needed time for Tina.

“It was a true honor to receive the Joanne B. Craft Adult Student Scholarship, as it made continuing my education possible by removing the stress of working full-time as a parent. I have a son with autism, and attending to his needs while attending to school can be challenging. With the Craft family’s help, though, I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to afford and care for my family.”

Tina will graduate in May 2020 and then pursue a career researching the primary care needs of adults with autism. She looks forward to the moment she can repay the kindness given to her.

“Receiving scholarships that assisted me personally and professionally made me realize the importance of giving back. It’s not only a personal gift but also a gift for society. I want to pay forward this generosity to other future nursing professionals so they can achieve their goals and support the health needs of their communities.”

Story by Michelle Danner-Groves, Donor Relations


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