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The Lloyd International Honors College

The UNC Greensboro Honors Program began in 1947 with only six student participants. Today, nearly 1,000 students partake in enriched curricula each year through what is now Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC). At its core, LIHC seeks to recruit outstanding undergraduates to UNCG and provide them with an enhanced and supportive intellectual and social experience.

“Honors College benefits all students at the University by serving as a model for best practices, in terms of student learning, interpersonal development, and faculty-led research,” stated LIHC Dean and Carnegie Foundation North Carolina Professor of the Year (2016) Omar Ali. “Honors students, in particular, study in smaller-size classes with leading faculty members in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. They gain from experiential learning opportunities, such as local field trips to museums, studying abroad, and presenting their work at local and regional academic conferences.”

These students also benefit from Dr. Ali’s innovative pedagogy — which incorporates improvisation, performance, and play — and continually practicing three simple, yet important themes of Honors College: paying attention, acknowledging what others have said or done, and creatively building on whatever others offer.

“The result is an ever-expanding, inclusive community of thoughtful and engaged artists, humanists, and scientists,” said Dr. Ali.

Helping to make the program a success, however, have been the funds and scholarships devoted to LIHC students. With higher expectations placed on them, financial assistance can play a major role in balancing their stress.

“Not every student who applies to Honors College believes they belong there,” said Assistant Dean of LIHC Rebecca Muich. “Honors has traditionally been associated with elitism and privilege.  Scholarship-awarding is one way we work to break down those assumptions and create the kinds of welcoming and creative environments that are so critical for learning and personal development.”

Each fall, LIHC hosts a Scholarship Recognition Ceremony and invites donors to Honors College to attend. Dr. Muich explained that at this ceremony, students learn the stories of the donors who endowed their scholarships, and that this has turned into a surprisingly impactful moment.

“I believe that through scholarship-awarding we are connecting young people to a network of supporters. The financial aid is critical, but we can’t underestimate the power of knowing that someone like you struggled, worked hard, and succeeded, and that that same person believes you can do it, too.” said Dr. Muich. “At its heart, scholarship-awarding really is about community and empowerment.”

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Story by Brittany Cameron, Donor Relations