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The Class of 1955 Merit Scholarship – Arizona Poole

In May of 1955, “The Good Wife’s Guide” was published in Housekeeping Monthly, detailing the domestic work on which women should be focused. At the same time, however, the Woman’s College Class of 1955 was preparing for graduation and their future life as degree holders.

Disregarding the happy-homemaker image, the Class of 1955 pursued individualized interests, formed and operated campus organizations, and governed themselves democratically through their Student Government Association.

They were engrossed in their educational experience and heavily involved in all aspects of the University, even managing to induce several alterations to the curriculum their senior year. After delivering 43 recommendations to the faculty, the student body, steered by the Student Advisory Curriculum Committee, saw 24 of their requests accepted: These included revamping chemistry requirements, making statistics available for non-math majors, adding a “history of political ideas” class, and opening philosophy and ethics courses to sophomores.

Befitting the Class of 1955’s dedication to their studies, these alumnae established the Class of 1955 Merit Scholarship Endowment – a gift that recognizes high-achieving students – on their 50th graduation anniversary. Current recipient Arizona Poole strives to live up to their standards.

“Some members of UNCG’s admission staff came to my high school to award this scholarship,” Arizona remembers. “They told me about the Class of 1955, and I was inspired by the passion and drive of these women.”

The freshman elementary education major wasted no time diving into the opportunities that evolved from the Class of 1955’s advocacy. In her first two semesters, she participated in the Bronze and Silver Leadership Challenges, the Student North Carolina Association of Educators, the Digital Maker in Residence program, and the Civic Engagement Academy. These experiences will help Arizona become a strong, charismatic elementary school teacher, her lifelong dream.

“UNCG has offered me many chances to grow in my potential to be a great teacher, and this scholarship helped me to see that UNCG was right for me. I have a community to interact with, and I know I will be able to achieve great things.”

Arizona will carry the Class of 1955’s legacy with her throughout her undergraduate career. It is something she is honored to have.

“There is nothing I could say that would fully express my gratitude, but I will work tirelessly to make a difference because of it. Your generous gift has enabled me to work toward my dream!”

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