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Taylor Roberson

Taylor Roberson of Tarboro, North Carolina, is the 2020/2021 recipient of the Elizabeth Whitney “Whitty” Ransome Endowed Scholarship in African American and African Diaspora Studies. The sophomore AADS major, with a minor in criminal justice, is a member of the Neo-Black Society and an AADS Ambassador.

“I explored several universities prior to choosing UNCG,” Taylor said. “I chose UNCG because of the diverse population of students and the general feeling of acceptance for everyone regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation. I am proud to be a member of a student body that instills and exhibits these values each day.”

Taylor’s courses in African American and African Diaspora Studies have given her perspectives not taught in mainstream secondary education, resulting in a new way of looking at the role people of African descent have played in shaping major milestones in our country’s history. Given today’s social and political climate, Taylor sees particular relevance in her studies.

“The events of the past year have only proved that there is a need to bridge the gap and create a place where the voices and experiences of all people, regardless of race, age, disability, gender, etc., are valued,” she said.

As an AADS Ambassador, Taylor assists with recruiting potential students, organizing student events, and representing the major at special events attended by alumni, administrators, and potential donors. Her goals for the future include studying psychology to become a therapist focusing on mental health within the African American community. She is grateful for the financial support her scholarship provides.

“My freshman year I had a job, which was hard to balance with studying and schoolwork. This scholarship allows me to focus on two major areas: psychology and the exploration of Black lives across the world,” Taylor said. “As a therapist, I hope to improve the mental and physical well-being of people of color through counseling children, young adults, and families.”

Elizabeth Whitney “Whitty” Ransome ’67 established the scholarship to provide African American students tuition assistance and more. To date, eight students have received awards to help them on their path to a college degree. A life-long educator who devoted her career to empowerment and equity in education for girls and women, Whitty received the UNCG Alumni Association’s WC Legacy Award in 2014.

“This scholarship provides an additional foundation on which I can continue to learn and grow as I work toward completing my education,” says Taylor. “I appreciate the support I have been given to gain access to resources and knowledge I will need in my career.”

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Story by Chris Garton, Office of Donor and Board Engagement


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