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Shelby Scattergood ’16

Working through physical illness, depression, and an eating disorder since she was 16, Shelby Scattergood ‘16 found shelter in a pivotal dimension of her identity: art. A photorealistic artist who uses immersive techniques, drawing, painting, photography, and intuitive talent, Scattergood found the courage to confront and confound her challenges by sharing her experiences with others – transformed through her unique artistic lens.

UNCG’s Lloyd International Honors College and Art Department provided opportunities for Scattergood as she earned her BFA in Drawing and Printmaking; she would graduate Summa Cum Laude with a minor in ASL/Deaf Studies.

She reflects on UNCG’s impact:

“Without my time at UNCG I would have never become the person and artist I am today. I really questioned my decision to become an artist going into college; I didn’t think I was good enough. However, after my freshman year I received two scholarships, the Fred C. Pierce Memorial Scholarship and the Happy Dubose “Kenan” Gray Scholarship. These scholarships, in addition to the amazing support I received from professors and classmates, showed me that the arts were where I belonged and instilled in me endless confidence to pursue my dream of being an artist.”

Scattergood’s transparency in sharing her personal narrative through art inspires others.

At the 2016 Lloyd International Honors College Awards presentation, Scattergood was a guest speaker. Jeannie Felts ’68 and her husband, Joe, were so moved by Scattergood’s courageous portrayal of depression, they established the Joe M. and Jeannie Daniels Felts ’68 Endowed Scholarship Fund in the Lloyd International Honors College to support future UNCG artists.

An update from Scattergood:

“Since graduating I’ve taken some time to tend to my mental health and therefore have not created much new work, although that certainly hasn’t slowed down my career! In the past few months I’ve won the Grand Prize in the NC Artists Exhibition, won 2nd place at the Ultralight Show in Raleigh, North Carolina, and exhibited at Artfields in Lake City, South Carolina.

In addition to my art work I also got married on June 24, 2017!

I’m currently planning to move to Richmond, Virginia, with my husband where I will begin a new body of work, one I hope will better reflect my journey with mental illness (specifically Binge Eating Disorder). I believe my new understanding of it will allow me to create more relatable artwork and help me better educate others on this lesser-known eating disorder.”

The courage to create, to share, to be of service to others while overcoming life’s challenges — Shelby Scattergood masters the art of healing.

Story by Zoe Dillard, Donor Relations


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