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Kayleigh Riker

Everyone is looking for something when they pick their college. For some, it’s membership on a Division I athletics team; for others, it’s a mentor who is at the top of their academic game. Senior Kayleigh Riker was looking for challenges and community.

She found both at UNC Greensboro’s Lloyd International Honors College.

“I decided on UNCG because of its honors program. I wanted a good study abroad experience and a place to call my home away from home. The LIHC offered both.”

A psychology major with a concentration in pre-medicine – and double minors in chemistry and biology – Kayleigh created an extraordinary undergraduate experience for herself over the last four years. In addition to studying abroad in Scotland, she established a student organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research and volunteered in research labs.

“I’ve had some unique academic and personal opportunities here,” says Kayleigh. “I might not have been able to have them without the generosity of others.”

In 1999, Harold and Noel Lichtin ’70 established the Lichtin Family Scholarship. Celebrating the education Noel received at UNCG, the scholarship recruits and retains top students in the Lloyd International Honors College. As one of the scholarship’s recipients, Kayleigh is grateful for the Lichtins’ support as she prepares for her medical career.

“This scholarship has let me do some amazing things. Currently, I’m working on my disciplinary honors project in psychology, which involves overseeing and conducting research and is very appealing to medical school admission boards. Having a background in research as an undergraduate, as well as publishing and presenting it, will give me an edge over other applicants.”

Kayleigh plans to put every experience to good use. She hopes to become a surgeon and work with Doctors Without Borders, an international organization dedicated to providing medical aid where it is needed the most.

“When you’re in college,” Kayleigh reflects, “and trying to set yourself up for a good career, every little bit helps. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Lichtin. You have really made a difference in my life.”

Story by Michelle Danner-Groves, Donor Relations


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