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Kaleb Isenhour

Frances “Fran” Turner Ross ’56 was raised to value education, and during her years at Woman’s College (now UNC Greensboro), she was a member of Golden Chain Honor Society, served on the Student Government Association, and was voted Everlasting President of her class. Over the years, she has continued to push for academic excellence through support of Lloyd International Honors College. In addition to a program fund, she established the Fran & Glenn Ross Honors Scholarship, which has aided 13 high-achieving students thus far — one of them being sophomore Kaleb Isenhour.

“The Honors College holds many benefits, whether it be the intercultural experiences, helping students practice active listening, or building upon what other people offer.” said Kaleb. “It helps create mindfulness in students, and it has better equipped me to be able to tackle challenges through different perspectives.”

In addition to being in the Honors College, Kaleb is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society that requires at least a 3.5 grade point average for the first semester of study, and he is on the Intercultural Leadership Council as a representative for the UNCG Martial Arts Club. He teaches the club’s kickboxing course and helps instruct self-defense seminars on campus. Last semester, he was also a peer academic leader, mentoring and assisting newcomers at the University.

Interested in possibly owning his own dojo, Kaleb is studying business administration while exhausting all opportunities for leadership experience. He acknowledged, however, that financial assistance has played a major role in what he has been able to accomplish.

“Scholarships allow students to focus on making decisions without thinking about the burden of financial debt,” stated Kaleb. “They are extremely important to me because they have allowed me to be more involved on campus as well as in my studies. I believe that without scholarships I would not be in the position I am today, and I would have more difficulty working toward my dreams after college.”

Though his career path is not completely narrowed down, Kaleb continues to maximize his potential at UNCG — his successes ensuring that the Fran & Glenn Ross Honors Scholarship is achieving what it set out to do.

Story by Brittany Cameron, Donor Relations


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