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Josh Cvijanovic ’07, ’09 MA

Today’s job market can be very unkind to students who graduate with no real work experience, and in spite of their often breathtaking talents, music majors are no exception. UNC Greensboro’s young musicians, however, are fortunate to have the nation’s largest summer music camp at their doorstep, which in turn brings ample opportunity for these pupils to take on leadership roles.

Witnessing and experiencing this firsthand, Josh Cvijanovic ’07, ’09 MA has been with the UNCG Summer Music Camp (SMC) for nearly 12 years, not including his high school experience as a camper.

“For me, Summer Music Camp was one of the reasons I came to UNCG,” stated Cvijanovic. “That introduction to the campus, faculty, and community helped to put the initial thought in my head that maybe UNCG was the place for me.”

After enrolling at the University and declaring music education as his field of study, Cvijanovic reacquainted himself with SMC in 2004, this time as a staff member. He worked with the program while earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and he stayed after embarking on his professional career outside UNCG.

“I worked as a rehearsal assistant for nine years, spent one summer working with Dr. Kohlenberg’s crew, organizing the percussion equipment, and have been a conductor for four years, including this upcoming week,” said Cvijanovic. “For college students and young professionals, working as rehearsal assistants is one of the greatest hands-on, practical teaching experiences available. I learned so much in my years as an assistant — from my colleagues and the conductors I worked under.”

In the midst of working at SMC, Cvijanovic also became the band director at Eastern Randolph High School for five years, and he is currently the director of bands at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough. His bands have won numerous awards, and his students frequently participate in collegiate-, district-, and state-level honor bands.

Cvijanovic himself is active with the NC Bandmasters Association and the NC Music Educators Association, currently serving as the chair for the Jazz Education Section, CDBA Central Region MPA site host, and Central District Clinic co-chair.

Still, Cvijanovic returns year after year to UNCG’s Summer Music Camp with pride in what SMC brings to all involved.

“I’ve seen many former students who were in my SMC bands go on to become fellow staff members for the camp, and later, colleagues in the field,” stated Cvijanovic. “For everyone attached to the camp, it is a wonderful opportunity for professional development and fellowship.”

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Story by Brittany Cameron, Donor Relations