Thank You

Guarantee Scholars say “Thank You”


We asked current and past Guarantee Scholars to take a moment to express their gratitude for the UNCG Guarantee and the donors who made this extraordinary program possible. Below are just a selection of the amazing scholars who have been supported through this holistic, comprehensive program.


Dominick DeFelice ’14, biology – Dorothy Bondanella UNCG Guarantee Scholarship
“The UNCG Guarantee means everything to me! I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I owe everything—including graduating med school in 2018—to the Guarantee. I dedicate my time to the Guarantee now as a mentor to three wonderful scholars, and I want the Guarantee to continue growing!”

Teal Curry ’14, nursing – Lula Martin McIver Scholarship
“Receiving the UNCG Guarantee scholarship alleviated the financial burden I would have had paying for college. I could focus solely on my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. The UNCG Guarantee made the difference in my college experience.”

Chekayla Jones ’17, psychology –
Toni Oster Urban ’66 UNCG Guarantee Scholarship
“This program has been a second family to me. They have shown me nothing but support and provided the most encouragement. I’m thankful for the skills I acquired through the program, like career readiness and leadership development. I will be forever grateful to the staff and donors for their genuine caring about my success.”

Shavonne Parker, elementary education with science concentration – Lula Martin McIver Scholarship
“The Guarantee is more than just funds; it embodies and supports UNCG’s core values of responsibility, respect, fairness, trust and honesty. The program helped me find and define who I am meant to be as a student and person. Throughout my time as a Guarantee Scholar, I have found my voice and now I can step forward as a confident young woman. Thank you.”

Melat Ayalew, theatre – Lula Martin McIver Scholarship
“The UNCG Guarantee is more than a financial life boat. It’s a family. It serves its scholars to enhance and enrich their college experience by offering opportunities for growth and by consistently guiding its students with an open-door policy that invests in us. But this wouldn’t be possible without the support we get from mentor programs, donors and alumni. Thank you so much.”

Lexus Miller, elementary education – Dorothy Bondanella UNCG Guarantee Scholarship
“The Guarantee means the world to me. It’s the reason I’m at a university getting my degree. The program helped me not only financially, but mentally and emotionally as well. It’s a family: a family that helps, understands and gives advice.”


Sara Rubio Correa, biology – Lula Martin McIver Scholarship

“After living on my own since 16, the Guarantee has empowered me to become a physician/politician. Thank you for the confidence you helped me find.”




The UNCG Guarantee Scholarship Program, established in 2009 through an anonymous gift, not only offers qualified in-state students the opportunity to attend college with little or no debt, but also integrates support systems that ensure student success. For more information, please visit The UNCG Guarantee.



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