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Dr. Edward and Carolyn Uprichard

Educators embrace a vision of making a difference in the lives of students and, by domino effect, making a positive difference in society. Some people have more dominoes than others.

Dr. Edward Uprichard’s innovations at UNC Greensboro created far-reaching impact on countless students whose service inevitably makes the world a better place. Armed with confidence, trust, and faith in the University community “to move forward in new and creative ways,” Uprichard extended his rows of dominoes further and further.

Uprichard was the former dean of the School of Education and subsequently provost of the University. His belief in higher education and love of Spartan Athletics inspired him and his wife to create The Edward and Carolyn Uprichard Education Scholarship Endowment in 2007. This scholarship assists undergraduates who undertake the dual responsibilities of playing on a UNCG athletic team and studying to become a teacher in UNCG’s School of Education. Addressing the struggle to compete athletically at the highest levels while dedicating sufficient time and attention to achieve successful teacher preparation, the Uprichards’ scholarship reflects their knowledge of student challenges in higher education.

Uprichard came to UNCG in 1988 and served nearly 20 years at the University. As the chief academic officer, he was instrumental in transforming the University through the establishment of programs, including the Lloyd International Honors College, Communication Across the Curriculum, Office of Undergraduate Research, SERVE Center, Gateway University Research Park, and the Center for Genomics. His wife, an instructional technology specialist employed by Guilford County Schools, was also well-acquainted with the importance of teacher preparation as she worked with K-12 students to develop their computer skills and trained educators to integrate technology into learning environments.

Uprichard would be the first to credit his success to strong collaborations with an outstanding chancellor, Patricia Sullivan. He also recognized the academic leadership contributions of a highly engaged team of deans and associate provosts.

“Together we supported each other, took measured risks, engaged in creative thinking, implemented innovative programs, and reached out to the community as we worked to raise the academic profile of the University. I hope we have contributed to making the University a better place for faculty, staff, and students.”

Uprichard’s dominoes extend beyond the horizon, where UNCG graduates emulate his vision of innovation and expansion. The Edward and Carolyn Uprichard Education Scholarship Endowment ensures Spartan student-athletes have the opportunity to fulfill their potential in both athletic and academic arenas.

Dominoes, anyone?

Story by Zoe Dillard, Donor Relations


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