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Corrinne and Michelle Rosquillo

College is a time of discovery – of finding your career, your dreams, your place. While every student at UNC Greensboro can thrive on our campus, Corrinne and Michelle Rosquillo found something particularly special: They found their home.

“We met during Japanese class,” remembers Corrinne ’12, ’15 MS. “I was a sophomore kinesiology major, Michelle was a junior English major. I remember thinking she just ‘got’ me. She understood and shared so much of my passion for culture.”

Corrinne learned more about Michelle ’11, ’17 MFA as they continued studying Japanese. They became involved in various cultural communities on campus, even taking on leadership roles in Japanese Club. Michelle credits Corrinne’s enthusiasm and genuine love of learning and engaging with others with breaking her “out of her shell.” When Corrinne decided to study abroad for a semester, they agreed to move in together upon her return.

“We kind of knew that it was meant to be,” Michelle says. The couple married in 2014.

“Meant to be” didn’t prevent struggle, especially when they both decided graduate education would be necessary for their careers. With one an out-of-state student in athletic training, and the other attending one of the most competitive creative writing programs in the country, Corrinne and Michelle were grateful for donor support.

“Scholarships represent more than just good grades,” says Michelle, who received the Ruth McKaughan and W. Bryan Carter Scholarship. “They mean someone believes in your potential and wants to give you that opportunity to succeed. Scholarships are about trust and support.”

Corrinne, who could not depend on support from family, appreciated every scholarship she earned, including the Henry Weil Fellowship, the Ellen Griffin Scholarship, and the Nancy Burton Hockett Scholarship:

“The people behind these scholarships truly encouraged me to follow my dreams.”

Follow their dreams, they did. Corrinne currently enjoys a position as an athletic trainer in a Randolph County high school, where her training with faculty in the Department of Kinesiology has allowed her to advance by leaps and bounds. Michelle has held numerous positions on campus. She is now an adjunct professor in the Department of Religious Studies, teaching a course on sacred poetry. Neither can imagine life without UNCG.

“Something draws you back to campus,” Michelle says. “It’s a welcoming environment, full of interesting people and new challenges. I’m glad I can watch my alma mater grow, adapt, and transform while holding the values that first brought me here.”

“UNCG is home,” adds Corrinne. “I had many struggles with my family and their beliefs. UNCG provided me and my wife a space to flourish and be ourselves. We’re so grateful for everything this institution – and its faculty, staff, students, donors, and friends – does to provide community for everyone.”

Story by Michelle Danner-Groves, Donor Relations


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