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Christian Cagle

Mental illness has a serious effect on lives, loved ones, and communities. With 47.6 million people experiencing mental illness in 2018, now more than ever we need compassionate and competent mental health professionals to support those who are struggling.

UNC Greensboro senior Christian Cagle hopes to join those ranks.

“Many people struggle with mental health problems, but they are afraid to ask for help or are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I want to help them get on the path to help and healing.”

The psychology major and Jefferson Suites Residence Hall resident advisor found the perfect training ground at UNCG. In addition to the diversity and openness of the campus, Christian’s enrollment in the Lloyd International Honors College ensures he will graduate with the intellectual and supportive experiences necessary to be a critical, independent thinker, prepared to lead a successful life.

“My senior year has been amazing. Getting to work with faculty one-on-one is exactly the opportunity I need to prepare for my career.”

Such experiences can be difficult to achieve for the modern college student, who often juggles classes and work to afford their education. Christian, however, received funding from the Scurry family and the Scurry Family Scholarship. Established to honor members of the family who graduated from UNCG – and the exemplary faculty who enabled their education – the scholarship supports undergraduates studying psychology, biology, or nursing in the Lloyd International Honors College.

Christian is incredibly grateful for the assistance in his final year of college.

“Without scholarships like this one, many students aren’t able to continue in their field of study or are too busy worrying about how to pay for college to succeed in their classes. Having this scholarship over the last two semesters has been a blessing as it has given me peace of mind and allowed me to truly focus on completing my senior honors project and disciplinary honors.”

After graduating in May, Christian plans to earn his master’s degree in social work and join the thousands of professionals working to improve the mental health of others. It’s a dream he wouldn’t have had without the Scurry family.

“Thanks to the Scurry family, I can follow my desired career path with no hesitations. I am incredibly grateful. You make a difference in students’ lives – including mine.”

Story by Michelle Danner-Groves, Donor Relations


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