Thank You

Student Stories

Juan Collazo ’15

“Without the Guarantee, I would’ve been forced to delay this dream indefinitely.”

Guarantee Scholars say “Thank You”

UNCG Guarantee Scholars say “thank you” for the generosity that makes their education possible.

Emily-Kate Hannapel

Supported by the Pamela A. and Richard R. Allen Scholarship in Interior Architecture and the Mary G. Elam Endowed Scholarship, Emily-Kate Hannapel spearheads revitalizing North Carolina downtowns.

Evan Ringel and Kassem Williams

Evan Ringel and Kassem Williams, both recipients of the William F. Black and Susan Elizabeth Brown Endowed Music Scholarship, traveled to Rennes, France for the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program’s first international trip.

Kasey Lynn Schmidt ’16

Kasey Lynn Schmidt ’16 received the Nita Parker Brogdon Scholarship for her studies in special education.

Lawrence Watkins ’16

Lawrence Watkins ’16 received the Dean and Tracy Priddy Scholarship, which supported his studies in the Bryan School of Business.

Paul Chelimo ’14

Paul Chelimo ’14 received the Aaron Bobb Scholarship and the Irwin Belk Athletic Scholarship. Both were instrumental in his journey to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Louis Sulit ’16
Louis Sulit ’16

Louis Sulit ’16 received a Summerlin Family Scholarship for his studies in Biology.

Evan Rees ‘16
Evan Rees ‘16

Evan Rees ‘16 spent the summer of 2013 in Germany to learn the language of his ancestors, a trip made possible by the Anne F. Baecker Study Abroad Fund.

Jennifer Leigh Mann ’16 MFA
Jennifer Leigh Mann ’16 MFA

Jennifer Leigh Mann ’16 MFA received support from The Mary Sheila Nassif Graduate Award to pursue her passion for acting.