Thank You

Student Stories

Kayleigh Riker

“When you’re in college and trying to set yourself up for a good career, every little bit helps. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Lichtin. You have really made a difference in my life.”

Kayleigh Riker, recipient of the Lichtin Family Honors Scholarship

Kaleb Isenhour

“I believe that without scholarships I would not be in the position I am today, and I would have more difficulty working toward my dreams after college.”

Kaleb Isenhour, recipient of the Fran and Glen Ross Scholarship in the LIHC

Christian Cagle

“Thanks to the Scurry family, I can follow my desired career path with no hesitations. I am incredibly grateful. You make a difference in students’ lives – including mine.”

Christian Cagle, recipient of the Scurry Family Scholarship in LIHC

António Maiato ’19

“At the young age of 15, António Maiato ’19 found himself alone in a new country. His parents had sent him from Angola to America to increase his educational opportunities and introduce him to a new culture.”

António Maiato ’19 – recipient of the Daniel A. Lynch International Study Fund

Tina Qualheim ’16

“It was a true honor to receive the Joanne B. Craft Adult Student Scholarship, as it made continuing my education possible by removing the stress of working full-time as a parent.”

Tina Qualheim ’16 – recipient of the Joanne B. Craft Adult Student Scholarship

Sadie Daniels ’12

“We need the highest quality educators to give students the best instruction possible. If we cannot afford to get advanced degrees, then not only will our current students suffer but our future as well.”

Sadie Daniels ’12 – recipient of the Esther and John Pinnix Teachers Scholarship

Henrietta Raven Dial Stanley

“I’m incredibly grateful to receive this Scholarship. There was a time when my people were prohibited from having an education, so I truly value the education I’m getting at UNCG.”

Henrietta Raven Dial Stanley, recipient of The Flora Oettinger Stern Scholarship

Jordan Lopez

“Having this support has definitely aided my progress. It helps me focus less on the finances behind my education and more on my development and learning in the classroom.”

Jordan Lopez, recipient of The Albert and Roxie Perry McDougald Education Scholarship

Ana Mena

“Having this scholarship support has helped me realize that the CARS program sees potential in me that at times I might not see in myself.”

Ana Mena, recipient of The Summer Scott-Samuel CARS Endowed Scholarship

Alex Best ’18

“It’s through scholarships that opportunities for students are created. This scholarship let me take advantage of professional development and academic opportunities I might otherwise not have had.”

Alex Best ’18, recipient of The Lula Martin McIver Graduate Scholarship