Thank You

Student Stories

Antonio Southern ’17

“Antonio’s enthusiasm for distinctive service reflects the active dedication of alumna Mary Lib Manning Slate ’61. Antonio was a recipient of her scholarship.”

Recipient of the Mary Lib Manning Slate Endowed Scholarship

Justin Larson ’13, ’14 MA

“Justin Larson ’13, ’14 MA is using his intellectual super-powers to save the planet.”

Recipient of the BB&T Capitalism, Markets and Morality Program Fellowship

Jordy Kuiper

“I really do appreciate the support from everybody … It’s been great all around. It’s been a great ride.”

Recipient of the Richard A. and Sharon M. Beavers Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Te’ja Twitty

Te’ja Twitty is exactly the kind of player Coach Lynne Agee would have enjoyed coaching.

Recipient of the Lynne C. Agee Athletic Scholarship

Yasmin Franco ’17

Franco’s UNCG experience illustrated determination and discipline, attributes applicable to both nursing and athletics.

Recipient of the Becky Jackson Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Mackenzie Winslow

“Being a student-athlete is so challenging but so rewarding…Mr. Moyer made such a difference to my softball career and education.”

Recipient of the Charles C. Moyer Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Darius Bennett ’17

 “I believe nutrition is the key to living a happier, healthier life.”

Recipient of the Dot Elliot Sink Scholarship

Ashley Sanchez

“I am actively making a difference in the world through my passion for physical therapy, further bringing my scholarship to life.”

Recipient of the Rosemary McGee Scholarship

Ciara Gazaway

“My UNCG journey thus far has been a compilation of people seeing potential in me that I couldn’t see in myself.”

Recipient of the Cheryl Sosnik Scholarship

Yuki Sugimoto

“Submitting my very first internal grant application and actually receiving the Theodore and Loretta Williams Research Fund for Arts Health was a very encouraging moment for me.”

Recipient of the Theodore and Loretta Williams Graduate Research Fund for Arts Health