Thank You

Student Stories

Ciara Gazaway

“My UNCG journey thus far has been a compilation of people seeing potential in me that I couldn’t see in myself.”

Recipient of the Cheryl Sosnik Scholarship

Yuki Sugimoto

“Submitting my very first internal grant application and actually receiving the Theodore and Loretta Williams Research Fund for Arts Health was a very encouraging moment for me.”

Recipient of the Theodore and Loretta Williams Graduate Research Fund for Arts Health

Marisa Gonzalez ’16

“Thanks to the Freezes, I could give back to the community by being an educator.”

Recipient of the Margaret M. and James T. Freeze Scholarship

Nyomi Hemphill

“The purpose of education is to change your situation.”

Recipient of the Judy Blackwelder Talbert and Daniel Scott Talbert Teacher Education Scholarship

Qua’-Shaun Henning

“Although their graduation classes are 60 years apart, the quest of these teachers to make a difference in the lives of children is timeless.”

Recipient of the Jacqueline W. and Jack H. Varner Scholarship

Abigail Johnson

“I’m forever grateful someone took the time to think about future teachers like myself.”

Recipient of the Carrie Davis Ponder ’58 Endowed Scholarship in Education

Malbert “Mally” Smith ’14

Mally’s passion for equality echoes the humanitarian spirit of Mina Weil and her daughter, Gertrude.

Mally Smith, recipient of the Mina Weil Memorial Scholarship in Social Sciences

Madison Sampson ’14, ’17 MPA

“Someone told me about how selfless she was… and how proud she would be of me. I feel like now I’m part of her legacy. I’m just so honored.”

Madison Sampson, recipient of the Pamela A. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Anthony Dellinger ’15 PhD

“Meaningful inventions that work toward the public good is the best move any inventor or scientist can make.”

Anthony Dellinger, recipient of the Lula McIver Graduate Scholarship

Gabriel Moore

“I’d say I’m inspired–her legacy has lit a fire in me.”

Gabriel Moore, recipient of the Jaylee Montague Mead Merit Scholarship Fund in the College of Arts and Sciences