Thank You

Student Stories

Alice Ma ’13 MPH, ’17 PhD

“This opportunity has been indispensable. It provided a much-needed avenue of research to public health education. If we can reframe how we think about vulnerable groups – how groups are uniquely vulnerable – we can develop better interventions.”

Recipient of the Ron G. Morrow Graduate Research Award

Leeroy Maguraushe ’18

Leeroy describes the Hoyle/Kelly Scholarship as “life-changing.” It allowed him to receive a quality education, play at the highest level of his sport, and graduate in time for the January 2019 Major League Soccer draft.

Recipient of the George G. Hoyle and Kathleen A. Kelly Endowed Athletic Scholarship

Fabiola Minerali

“As designers, our main focus is not what we create but the people who engage with our creations. I want my designs to impact people. Life after graduation still seems far away, so my plans are unclear. But I found what I value as a designer, and I can build my career around that.”

Recipient of the Khan International Students Scholarship

S Anandavalli

“I thank UNCG and the Counseling Department for offering me a life-changing experience. I say with deep gratitude that at UNCG I found my professional calling and purpose, thanks to a community of committed faculty, students, and staff.”

Recipient of the David G. and Nancy J. Armstrong Graduate Students’ Scholarship in Education

Huili Wang

“My schedule is always very busy, especially with clinical hours. The Mina Weil Scholarship for Foreign students helps me travel to all of the off-campus locations I need to complete this critical part of my degree.”

Recipient of the Mina Weil Scholarship for Foreign Students

Corrinne and Michelle Rosquillo

“UNCG is home. UNCG provided me and my wife a space to flourish and be ourselves. We’re so grateful for everything this institution – and its faculty, staff, students, donors, and friends – does to provide community for everyone.”

Corrinne and Michelle Rosquillo
Finding each other, finding home

Scott and Krista Thomason

“We wouldn’t be where we are without UNCG, its donors, and its faculty. We didn’t get training. We got an education and the tools we needed to succeed. We’re so grateful, and we hope more students have the same opportunity.”

Scott and Krista Thomason
Strong College Sweethearts

Bruce Vosefski Jr. ’17

“UNCG’s School of Nursing Veterans Access Program and the Letvak Family Endowed Scholarship in Nursing gave Vosefski the opportunities to achieve his goal of becoming a nurse.”

Recipient of the Letvak Family Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Jeremy Kirby ’18

“Kirby is a proud recipient of the Katharine Smith DeBerry and Cornelia Marshall DeBerry Scholarship, which is awarded to deserving students in elementary education.”

Recipient of The Katharine Smith DeBerry and Cornelia Marshall DeBerry Scholarship

Claudia Gasca-Abella ’18

“I am forever grateful for everything every donor has done to make the UNCG Guarantee Program what it is today. Without you, I would never have seen my dream become a reality.”

Proud graduate of the UNCG Guarantee Program