Professor Stories

Duane Cyrus and Hero Complexities

“‘Hero Complexities’ explores what it is to be a Black man, in all his strengths and vulnerabilities, during a unique moment in time…I hope this spring performance opens new opportunities for dialogue and engagement.”

Associate Professor of Dance Duane Cyrus, recipient of a Faculty First Summer Excellence Award

Dr. Shan Suthaharan

“This award aided my research, which is in a state-of-the-art discipline. Hence, understanding this difficult problem is important, and it will also help our students to advance in this research area.”

Dr. Shan Suthaharan, who secured a Faculty First Summer Excellence Award to conduct research on machine learning and big data

Dr. Melody Zoch

“The Faculty First Grant was a critical component to successfully launching the first Community Voices Summer Workshop…We’re incredibly thankful for the University’s investment in this project.”

Dr. Melody Zoch, who secured a Faculty First Summer Excellence Grant for Community Voices Summer Workshop

Erin Lawrimore

“By documenting the stories of women in the industry, we were able to ensure that the Well Crafted NC project includes stories of the women who are doing excellent work but are sometimes left out of the larger narrative.”

Erin Lawrimore, who secured a Faculty First Summer Excellence Award to conduct interviews for Well Crafted NC

Matthew Barr

“Editing ‘Union Time: Fight for Workers’ Rights’ while preserving such a complex story proved to be very daunting…I was honored to receive a 2018 Faculty First Grant and am pleased to say we were able to achieve a 70-minute version.”

Matthew Barr, who secured a Faculty First Summer Excellence Award to continue work on “Union Time: Fight for Workers’ Rights”

Dr. Tanya Coakley

“The barbershop is an ideal location for fathers and sons to talk openly and comfortably with each other. With the right tools they can use a familiar community space to build an enduring relationship of open communication.”

Dr. Tanya Coakley, Professor of Social Work

Professor Duane Cyrus

“Comanche is a living project. It’s organic. Ongoing and developing.”

Professor Duane Cyrus, Professor of Dance

Dr. Blair Wisco

“This technology, which measures patients’ symptoms as they experience them, could transform the way we treat PTSD.”

Dr. Blair Wisco, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Gregory Grieve

“People are looking for community. What previous generations found in churches and civic clubs, people are now searching for through their screens.”

Dr. Gregory Grieve, Professor and Head of the Department of Religious Studies

Professor Michael Parker, MFA Program in Creative Writing

“I make my way through the world by putting words together.”

Professor Michael Parker, the Dr. Nicholas A. Vacc and Dr. Nancy N. Vacc Distinguished Professorship