Why They Give

Donor Stories

The Fowler Sisters

“In establishing scholarships honoring my sisters, it was my intention to pay tribute to them…These scholarships are also renewable resources that allow our University to move perpetually forward.”

The Fowler Sisters: Martha Fowler McNair ’49, Ann Fowler Jones ’51, Cynthia Fowler Barnes ’61, and Frances Fowler Stanton

Leona Eason Pridgen ’69

Leona Eason Pridgen ’69 established The John Stephen Eason and Prudy Magnolia Eason: The S’Eason of Peace Scholarship to honor the boundless support, encouragement, and love she received from her family, especially her parents.

Leona Eason Pridgen ’69 established The John Stephen Eason and Prudy Magnolia Eason: The S’Eason of Peace Scholarship

Melinda Hamrick ’69

“Social workers make a profound difference in society, and we need to encourage them to continue this necessary, life-changing work. I hope planned gifts like mine will help more passionate individuals dedicate their careers to public service.”

Melinda Hamrick ’69
Melinda Hamrick ’69 Graduate Award in The Joint Master of Social Work Program

Allan and Pam Malester ’68

“Portrait of Pam Malester ’68 which hangs in the Shaw Hall conference room that she and her husband donated to UNCG.”

Allan and Pam Malester ’68

The Malester Endowment for the Pam Mars Malester Annual University Lecture

Charles and Lois Lee ’65

“Everything circles back to UNCG. I’m incredibly grateful for the life I’ve lived with Charles and my family, and so much of it is because of UNCG and those people who took such powerful interest in my success.”

Charles and Lois Lee ’65
Charitable Gift Annuity to The Helen Canaday Scholarship

Patricia Shore Clark ’58 and Blanche Rigsby Shore

Blanche Rigsby Shore was a devoted mother and nurse. Her life was staunch in providing nurture, aid, and support to those in her care — a feat her daughter, Patricia Shore Clark ’58, chose to commemorate.

The Blanche Rigsby Shore Scholarship in Nursing, established by Patricia Shore Clark ’58 in memory of her mother, Blanche Rigsby Shore

Mary Ellen Boelhower

Highlighting her passion for fundraising and love of travel, Mary Ellen Boelhower, alongside her husband, established a testamentary gift to create study-abroad opportunities for Bryan School students.

John and Mary Ellen Boelhower
The John & Mary Ellen Boelhower International Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Ellen Thrower ’75, ’80 MBA and Alma Sneed Peebles ’35

“In looking back, it has been a wonderful career; one that has been rewarding beyond my wildest imagination, and it would not have happened without my mother’s encouragement and support.”

The Alma Sneed Peebles Endowed Scholarship, established by Dr. Ellen Thrower ’75, ’80 MBA in memory of her mother, Alma Sneed Peebles ’35

Luther H. Hodges, Jr. and
Martha Blakeney Hodges, Class of 1918

“My mother was truly the unsung hero of my father’s success,” remembers Luther H. Hodges, Jr. “She was the source of grace and dignity that characterized his administration.”

The Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives Endowment, established by Luther H. Hodges, Jr. in memory of his mother, Martha Blakeney Hodges

Dr. Deborah E. Jones ’75, ’82 MED, ’97 PhD

“I saw firsthand the influence she was having on a community impacted by poverty and a community that desperately needed a leader such as DJ…She provided hope where there had been little hope…DJ was an inspiration to me and provided a model of leadership to which I aspired.”

Dr. Deborah E. Jones, Inspirational Educator (left), nominated by Dr. Donna Peters (right)