Why They Give

Donor Stories

MaryK McGinley
MaryK McGinley

We all deserve quality healthcare. With my planned gift, I am showing I value the nursing profession and the way…

Claudia Kadis
Claudia Kadis ’65

I have been so fortunate to be in this position and consider it a real privilege to give back to a school that gave me so much.

Ann Fisher
Ann Fisher

I am a lover of history and libraries, and a military veteran. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and moved to Hendersonville 19 years ago, after my retirement.

Dorothy Rechel
Dot Rechel

I grew up in Cincinnati, and for as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was run away and join the army. I’m not sure why, as Cincinnati…

Betty Brooks
Betty Brooks ’52

I appreciate the personal relationships I’ve had, and everyone has always been so nice, from the Chancellor on down. I’ve enjoyed a personal connection to UNCG…

Rossie Henley Lindsey '63 and Cleaton Lindsey
Rossie Henley Lindsey ’63 and Cleaton Lindsey

Our gift annuity has kept us connected with UNCG and has afforded us the opportunity to meet the students who have benefited from it.

Ruth and Harry Edgren
Ruth and Harry Edgren

We chose to make our donation to the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program in the form of a Gift Annuity. While the income from this fund will enable students…

Gayle Hicks Fripp and Terry Fripp
Gayle Hicks Fripp ’63 and Terry Fripp

I realized all through my working career how much I owed to the university because of the knowledge and skills they had given.

Alice Joyner Irby ’54

When I was a student, Warren Ashby became my friend, not just my professor. That’s what you want in a learning community.