Why They Give

Donor Stories

The Morelli Family and The Kaitlin E. Morelli Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

The Kaitlin E. Morelli Endowed Scholarship in Nursing, established by Kaitlin’s parents and brother, supports the aspirations of future nurses.

“We hope this scholarship will help other students realize their dream … We believe Kaitlin’s spirit will live on every time a nursing school graduate goes out into the world and shares their gifts and the skills they acquired in the nursing program.”

The Martin Family and The Wyatt Lee Martin Memorial Fund

Wyatt Martin’s adventurous spirit and passion for travel live on in students like Robert “Wilson” Maloney, who benefit from the scholarship established in loving memory by Wyatt’s family.

Jerry Tolley ’82 EdD

“It was a professor’s tenacious concern for student success – his success – that inspired Tolley to give back to his alma mater. For Jerry Tolley, service is a way of life.”

Established the Jerry R. Tolley Endowed Education Scholarship and the Jerry and Joan Morrison Tolley/Gail M. Hennis Teaching Excellence Award for Graduate Faculty

The Elizabeth Herring Garden

Nearly 20 years after its dedication, it remains a focal point for UNCG students, faculty and staff, who continued to be inspired by its beauty and living music.

The Elizabeth Herring Garden

Class of 1939 Cherry Trees

As spring begins, the cherry trees bring renewed beauty to the grounds, their blossoms emerging as though in praise of the students’ hard work throughout the year and all our students and future graduates have to celebrate in the warm months near the close of the school year.

Class of 1939 Cherry Trees

The Alumnae Secretaries’ Garden

“I never appreciated the garden when I was here,” says Susan Seeker Jones ’78. “I want to make sure students don’t make the same mistake.”

The Alumnae Secretaries’ Garden

The Rachel Hull Galyon Garden

Those who attend notable campus performances can enjoy this outdoor space, which is at once lively and tranquil – a gift of beauty, environmental enhancement and sustained growth.

The Rachel Hull Galyon Garden

Morgan Wilkinson Horner ’75

Morgan Wilkinson Horner’s aunt Charlotte’s legacy of providing children access to arts and education lives on in the Weatherspoon Art Museum, where children wander the galleries, chattering excitedly about the paintings, sculptures and photographs of ever-changing exhibits.

Jana Welch Wagenseller ’72

Wagenseller used her education and experience to serve the medical profession to the utmost degree, and as a donor she is serving the institution where she began her remarkable career.

Margaret Drummond MacKenzie ’63

Margaret Drummond MacKenzie now passes the legacy of foundational excellence she experienced at UNCG on to future generations.