Why They Give

Donor Stories

Morgan Wilkinson Horner ’75

Morgan Wilkinson Horner’s aunt Charlotte’s legacy of providing children access to arts and education lives on in the Weatherspoon Art Museum, where children wander the galleries, chattering excitedly about the paintings, sculptures and photographs of ever-changing exhibits.

Jana Welch Wagenseller ’72

Wagenseller used her education and experience to serve the medical profession to the utmost degree, and as a donor she is serving the institution where she began her remarkable career.

Margaret Drummond MacKenzie ’63

Margaret Drummond MacKenzie now passes the legacy of foundational excellence she experienced at UNCG on to future generations.

Dr. Frieda Elaine Penninger ’48

Although this witty intellectual is well-acquainted with a variety of institutions of higher learning, UNCG holds her highest affection.

Damien “Dame” Moore ’95 and Randy Wadsworth ’95

Things have changed quite a bit since those days of ours. But one thing that has remained constant is the ongoing need for some students to receive financial assistance to continue their education. We would like to give back to the school in an effort to assist a select group of students.

Johanna Pearson Winchester ’80, ’90 MSN and George Winchester

Johanna fulfilled her potential and held close her parents’ value of education, creating opportunities for tomorrow’s nurses by giving back.

Martha Bridges Sharma ’67

An inaugural recipient of the Katharine Smith Reynolds Merit Scholarship, Martha Bridges Sharma has lived an extraordinary life of service–to teaching, to improving higher education, and to remembering her alma mater.

Class of 1934 Education Endowment Fund

Class of 1934 Education Endowment Fund

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…”

— President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address, 1933

Class of 1947 Freshman Enrichment Fund

Class of 1947 Freshman Enrichment Fund

”As the year 1947 opens, America has never been so strong or so prosperous. Nor have our prospects ever been brighter.”

– President Harry S. Truman, 1947 Message to Congress

Class of 1953 Minerva and Minerva Garden Endowment

Class of 1953 Minerva and Minerva Garden Endowment

“…destiny has laid upon our country the responsibility of the free world’s leadership.”

–President Dwight David Eisenhower, Inaugural address 1953