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Homecoming 2020 will be moved online

This fall, Spartans will enjoy Homecoming without leaving home.

UNC Greensboro will host its Homecoming 2020 in a virtual, online format on October 23-24, 2020.

This decision, a change from the traditional in-person event-driven one to an exclusively online one, comes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and continued efforts to adhere to state and local regulations related to gatherings, social distancing, and other public health directives.

The decision was made following extensive conversations with college alumni liaisons, the UNCG events team, the UNCG Homecoming committee, UNCG Athletics, and the director of campus activities and programs. There has been unanimous agreement that moving to a virtual Homecoming celebration would be the best, most responsible choice for UNCG, its students and alumni, and the broader community.

UNCG Homecoming traditionally involves thousands of alumni, students, staff, and friends throughout the course of a weekend. While it’s an event that the entire campus looks forward to every year, the health and safety of the UNCG community remain the top priority. Specific events and activities related to the modified approach are in the early stages of planning. Updates will be provided as soon as possible.

“As state and local public health experts continue to emphasize the need to maintain social distancing guidelines and limit in-person gatherings, we will rely on the steadfast UNCG spirit to ensure that our 2020 Homecoming celebrations maintain the enthusiasm and sense of camaraderie they are known for,” said Beth Fischer, vice chancellor for advancement. “Much like the decisions made by our colleagues across the region and around the country, ours was not an easy one to make – but we believe it is the right one.” 

Fischer further noted, “In addition to supporting limitations on gatherings, the decision to transform Homecoming is based on the special priority given to populations that are most at risk. This includes many older alumni who typically are actively engaged on campus for Homecoming festivities. We all recognize the importance of mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by reducing large gatherings, but perhaps even more specifically, we can’t put at risk those who have proven to be the most vulnerable to the virus.”

Sherita Warren Gatling, president of the UNCG Alumni Leadership Board, said she was very glad the University chose to offer a virtual Homecoming, instead of opting to cancel it. “UNCG Homecoming has increasingly grown and it has presented alumni with numerous opportunities to engage. Even though it will be virtual this year, there is no doubt that alumni will still enjoy many opportunities to engage and participate. I am looking forward to Homecoming this year just as I have in the past!”

Mary Landers, director of alumni engagement, said, “Working with our campus partners and our alumni leadership, we look forward to delivering the best virtual celebration we possibly can and are already exploring digital avenues to expand the scope of what Homecoming can look like.” 

Adjusting the UNCG Homecoming 2020 celebration is part of the University’s broader COVID-19 protocols, which can be reviewed at

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