Les Nichols

“During these times especially, help with college is in great demand, and my goal is to one day pay it forward and provide a scholarship of my own to help someone like I have been helped.”

Les Nichols, recipient of the Brenda Welling Rechtine Scholarship

Bevin Strickland

“Nursing is the ultimate act of service, not only for patients but also for the community. Nurses must be ready and able to care for a variety of patients, and UNCG has equipped me to do that.”

Bevin Strickland, recipient of the John Joseph Rall, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Zach Matthews ’17

“I met Mrs. Safran… Learning about her work as a critical care nurse and the business she started for cardiac event training really inspired me. I can’t thank her enough for her generosity and support while I was at UNCG.”

Zach Matthews ’17, recipient of the Susan Morris Safran Merit Scholarship in Nursing

‘American heroes’: Ernest Grant helps honor nurses in Oval Office

National Nurses Day took center-stage in a 2020 White House ceremony. UNC Greensboro alumnus Ernest Grant, president of the American Nurses Association, was invited as special honoree and to help applaud the nation’s nurses. 

Ernest Grant ’93 MS, ’15 PhD, established the Ernest J. Grant Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Kellie Thomas

“Being at UNCG has been the most rewarding experience of my life…Not only have I gained valuable knowledge in the classroom, but I’ve also learned about my own strengths and challenges, and that I have the capacity to do a lot more than I would have imagined.”

Kellie Thomas, recipient of the William Holt & Ella (Rea) Turrentine Scholarship

Sarah White

“I’m blessed to receive this scholarship…It takes faith, compassion, and a generous heart to create scholarships, and I’m honored to have that trust – and a personal connection to one of the people who inspired it.”

Sarah White, recipient of the Nancy Ross, Betty Dickson, and Nancy Jo Smith Scholarship

Caeley Mayo

“When I got here, I was very nervous; I had applied so late, and I was worried I wouldn’t get financial aid…the person who helped at the financial aid office looked over my account and found scholarships I qualified for. It’s because of those scholarships that I am here at UNCG…”

Caeley Mayo, recipient of the Helen McBee Scholarship

Allison Phanthavong

“I was so surprised when I was notified that I received this scholarship….It’s incredibly uplifting to know there are people who have such faith in me. You inspire me to continue working even harder. Thank you.”

Allison Phanthavong, recipient of the Nido and Mariana Qubein Scholarship

Kayleigh Riker

“When you’re in college and trying to set yourself up for a good career, every little bit helps. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Lichtin. You have really made a difference in my life.”

Kayleigh Riker, recipient of the Lichtin Family Honors Scholarship

Kaleb Isenhour

“I believe that without scholarships I would not be in the position I am today, and I would have more difficulty working toward my dreams after college.”

Kaleb Isenhour, recipient of the Fran and Glen Ross Scholarship in the LIHC