Samets Receive Prestigious Philanthropy Honor

“Sylvia and Norman Samet model unparalleled generosity and civic responsibility by devoting their good names, personal resources, time, energy, and giving spirits to better the quality of life for Greensboro’s citizens.”

The Samets, winners of AFP Triad Chapter’s Outstanding Philanthropist-Greensboro Award

UNCG Honors George Hoyle and Kathleen Kelly with Philanthropy Award

“George and Kathleen embody the concept of leading with a giving heart. They are devoted community champions whose generosity extends beyond UNC Greensboro…we’re exceedingly proud to honor them with the Spirit of Philanthropy Award.”

George Hoyle and Kathleen Kelly, winners of AFP’s Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Student Assistance Fund for Emergencies (SAFE)

“…There are times when an unanticipated crisis or hardship occurs. Without available resources, these sudden events might derail students from their goals. SAFE has allowed UNCG to provide some relief to students who are experiencing food insecurity, housing insecurity, loss of income, a family crisis, and more.”

Student Assistance Fund for Emergencies

The Spartan Recovery Program Fund

“Communities like this thrive on collective will… We’re looking into connecting with other collegiate recovery communities, but we also want to connect with our alumni, University friends, and community members to help and celebrate these incredible men and women.”

The Spartan Recovery Program Fund

Spartan Food Insecurity Fund

Food insecurity affects students’ health, safety, and well-being, and is linked to diminished academic success and lower graduation rates. Providing accessible nutrition to students in need will help them excel in their studies, graduate, and become self-sufficient members of their communities. 

Spartan Food Insecurity Fund

Les Nichols

“During these times especially, help with college is in great demand, and my goal is to one day pay it forward and provide a scholarship of my own to help someone like I have been helped.”

Les Nichols, recipient of the Brenda Welling Rechtine Scholarship

Bevin Strickland

“Nursing is the ultimate act of service, not only for patients but also for the community. Nurses must be ready and able to care for a variety of patients, and UNCG has equipped me to do that.”

Bevin Strickland, recipient of the John Joseph Rall, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Zach Matthews ’17

“I met Mrs. Safran… Learning about her work as a critical care nurse and the business she started for cardiac event training really inspired me. I can’t thank her enough for her generosity and support while I was at UNCG.”

Zach Matthews ’17, recipient of the Susan Morris Safran Merit Scholarship in Nursing

Kellie Thomas

“Being at UNCG has been the most rewarding experience of my life…Not only have I gained valuable knowledge in the classroom, but I’ve also learned about my own strengths and challenges, and that I have the capacity to do a lot more than I would have imagined.”

Kellie Thomas, recipient of the William Holt & Ella (Rea) Turrentine Scholarship

Sarah White

“I’m blessed to receive this scholarship…It takes faith, compassion, and a generous heart to create scholarships, and I’m honored to have that trust – and a personal connection to one of the people who inspired it.”

Sarah White, recipient of the Nancy Ross, Betty Dickson, and Nancy Jo Smith Scholarship