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UNCG Guarantee

A unique opportunity is before us, and it’s called the UNCG Guarantee.

To address some of the most difficult challenges facing our state and nation, an educated workforce is absolutely critical. Now, through the UNCG Guarantee, we can help ensure more academically-talented students have access to the education they deserve.

Did you know that 200 students who applied to UNCG for the fall 2009 semester met the 100-percent poverty level definition? In fact, UNCG currently has more than 800 students included in this category. It’s a striking statistic. And yet here they are — motivated students with academic promise and bright futures ahead, if only they can afford to complete their education. To reach their goals, they typically work multiple part-time jobs or take a semester off to save more money before they can return.

They choose our university because UNCG offers an inspiring, high-quality education that is one of the most affordable in the nation.

Even so, we can do better.

College students shouldn’t have to sacrifice valuable out-of-the-classroom learning, service and leadership experiences because they are working three jobs to pay their tuition. And what about the students who don’t even apply because they think they won’t be able to make ends meet?

It’s time for us to make a guarantee to students who have the drive and talent to succeed, but have limited financial resources. UNCG is committed to providing educational access and supporting them every step of the way — all the way to graduation.

The UNCG Guarantee will help in-state students who demonstrate both need and academic promise to graduate from UNCG in four years with as little debt as possible. The university will make every attempt to meet financial need through a combination of federal, state, university and private grants and scholarships. In addition to receiving financial aid, recipients of the UNCG Guarantee will receive a full array of academic support services to ensure their success.

The initial funding for the program was largely made possible through UNCG’s $6 million gift from an anonymous donor who made national headlines in 2009 by donating $100 million to several American universities. With this gift as our impetus, the UNCGGuarantee in its first year will provide four years of tuition for an initial class of 30-40 students.

This is great progress — but it still leaves more than 85 percent of poverty-level students without our guarantee.

Please join our mission to provide academic access to deserving students from across North Carolina — despite their limited ability to pay. Giving opportunities include a named endowment with a minimum gift of $50,000 as well as contributions of any amount to the General UNCG Guarantee Fund. Donors who give at least $1,000 a year for 3 years will be part of the Guarantee Giving Society.

Let’s take advantage of this important opportunity and, together, create meaningful change.