About Us

The UNC Greensboro Foundation’s mission is to promote UNC Greensboro’s focus on excellence, opportunity, access, and impact by supporting fundraising initiatives and serving as stewards of Foundation resources. The Foundation serves as a governance board, operating for the benefit of UNC Greensboro by securing, holding, and investing funds and other assets. We support university initiatives and champion programs to develop awareness and support the university.

Members are appointed for a three-year term from July 1 through June 30 of the third year. Standing committees include: the Executive Committee, the Governance Committee, and the Finance and Audit Committee.

Current UNC Greensboro Foundation Board of Directors


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We promote UNCG’s focus on excellence, opportunity, access, and impact by supporting fundraising initiatives and serving as stewards of Foundation resources. The current officers are:

Chair: Steve Joyce (2020-2022 term)
Vice Chairs: Candace Cummings (2020-2021 term), Phaedra Grove (2020-2022 term)
President: Beth Fischer, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Secretary: Carrie Stewart (2020-2021 term)
Treasurer: Bob Shea, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


The Executive Committee is composed of the Board Chair, a Board Vice-Chair, Secretary, and the Chairs of each standing committee. The Executive Committee sets and transacts all regular business of the Foundation during the interim between the meetings of the Board.

Candace CummingsDale Phipps
Beth Fischer (non-voting)Sarah Shoffner
Phaedra GroveCarrie Stewart
Steve Joyce, ChairArt Winstead, Immediate Past President

The Governance Committee is composed of a Board Vice-Chair and other Directors appointed by the Board. The Governance Committee establishes annual work plans that establish Board priorities each fiscal year. It oversees the overall effectiveness of the Foundation’s governance, structure, committee structure, governance documents, committee charters, and governance procedures. It also oversees the implementation and compliance with the Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy, succession planning for Board Officers and Committee Chairs and members, proposing a recommended slate of Officers annually, and recommending any new members of the Board.

Candace Cummings, ChairLinda Higgins
Beth Fischer (non-voting)Kurt Kronenfeld
Joan GreasonTerri Maultsby
Carolyn GreenJennifer Morris

Finance and Audit Committee is composed of Directors appointed by the Board and the Board Treasurer. The Finance and Audit Committee manages, invests, and reinvests for the operating assets of Foundation endowment funds that are not designated with the UNCG Investment Fund and makes recommendations for any actions that are necessary to the Board. The Finance and Audit Committee also plans the annual Foundation operating budget; controls the receipt and acceptance of irrevocable gifts sponsored by the Foundation; is responsible for selecting the independent CPA firm and receiving the annual audit report of the CPA firm; and ensuring that the Foundation is employing sound fiscal and business principles in the management of its finances and operations.

Gay BowmanTom Martin
Beth Fischer (non-voting)Dale Phipps, Chair
Lisa JohnsonBob Shea (non-voting)
Steve Joyce